The Center

This is based in the world of the DC Universe with all the heroes and villains that come along with it.

The premise of which is this:
The Center is a corporate entity developed by software mogul David Treer in order to find and assist newly “awakened” metahumans whose powers might make them a threat to themselves and others. Doing this also prevents less altruistic minded individuals from getting their hands on the fledgling metas and turning them to serve their own purposes. At The Center the residents can explore and train to use their abilities in an environment that is designed specifically to deal with the challenges metahuman abilities pose.
As part of the training, and to instruct those in the program on how to care for their selves, The Center hires out its more capable residents as consultants to agencies for a variety of purposes.

Examples are:
• Investigation
• Security
• Disaster Relief

All of this usually dealing with Metahuman involvement. The Center is not in the business of being hired out for ‘muscle’ work or to act as mercenary forces to combat other factions.
It is divided up into departments that support any ongoing operations:

The Center Personnel
Department heads

Director- Control Age: 62
David Treer is a Vietnam veteran that returned to the states after multiple tours in southeast Asia. His service record, much of it anyway, is classified.
He is a widower as his wife and daughter were killed during a robbery twenty years ago.
Learning programming when computing was just a breaking industry he has revolutionized modern operating systems and has made his company the preeminent software provider for the world.
Approachable and friendly he is very much not the stereotypical billionaire that most expect him to be. He is very involved with day to day operations of The Center and personally meets all new residents on their arrival.

Arcane- Talisman Age: 42
Known only by his code name Talisman is a native American Shaman of unknown power. His role at The Center is to oversee all arcane information and analysis that occurs to operations and aid those residents that are more supernatural then superhuman.
He speaks quietly when he speaks, which is rare, and is very direct. He is a guide and helpful to the students with mystic abilities that they do not understand.
But it could never be said that he is personable.

Comm- Cray Age: 18
Sidney Baxter is a metahuman with a brain that functions at the speed of the fastest computers known to man, faster, if you listen to him. He has been a vital part of the Center organizing and monitoring mission along with correlating raw data to the department heads since the corporations inception.
He is driven but affable and seems to be the ‘secret keeper’ of all things having to do with The Center.

Armorer- Minh Age: 21
‘Minh’ as she is referred to as by code name and otherwise has been with The Center since day one. She is the caretaker and designer of the advanced weapons and battle suit systems that the Center utilizes. She has a seemingly inhuman ability to design repair and analyze any weapons system. She is the closest member of staff to Control.

Analysis- Shape Age: Unknown, been with The Center 2 years.
Shape, or Dr. Shape as he is called by those at The Center, is a metahuman that posses the ability to discern the composition of any substance he comes into contact with. His body is in a constant state of flux taking on an almost clay like quality. He has no memory of his life prior to being found by the New York police nude on the shore of the Hudson River.
Formerly a resident, Shape has become a vital part of The Center’s scientific research efforts to understand some of the more enigmatic cases they are called in on. No substances be it acid or poison has yet been found to damage the gentle, albeit giant, scientist.

Research- Guts Age: 65
Wieland Gustav is an inventor from Sweden that was hired by Treer just prior to his opening The Center. One part mad scientist one part grizzled engineer he heads up the cutting edge research into experimental tech obtained by The Center during missions. He also creates some of that tech for use in the field. He is the principle designer behind Templar’s armor and the blasters carried by non-combat oriented residents on missions.

Operations- Templar Age: 38
Gregory Archer is former British SAS that went on to become a UN liaison officer with the Justice League, serving on the moon based Watchtower, prior to its destruction. During his time with the league he worked as a profiler of criminals and terrorists that the JL came up against.
He now heads the operations side of The Center leading the residents in their field training and missions. His efforts have been highly effective as the first team he oversaw is now able to operate independently and he is free to train a brand new group of individuals.
Tough but fair he is respected by the residents. A normal among metas he wears a Battlesuit when conducting more ‘aggressive’ field operations.

Foes of The Center

Cabal, The

Description: An organization of alleged occult practiceoners. No hard Intel exists to support the belief that this could be a global organization. All information that has been gathered comes from recovered text and the occasional prisoner.

Scope of Operations: Unknown, believed global

Goals/Beliefs: The Cabal’s goals are not clear. Their highest priority appears to be secrecy. It is suspected they are setting in motion a “long term” plan for forming a political power base.

Know abilities/Resources: Apparent manipulation of occult forces. Spells and summations.

Shop, The

Description: This organization actually has a very long list of alphanumeric characters for a name for those who even know enough to look for its existence. In “hallowed halls” it is referred to as “The Shop” even though the organization has many bases in operation. This is a collaboration of the armed forces and the U.S. Government to circumvent the United Nations mandate restricting the use of metahumans in the military. Metahumans that are discovered by Shop staff are placed under surveillance, placed in to confrontational situations and have their ties with family and friends severed. After such time they are approached with an offer of acceptance and help.

Scope of Operations: Global, mostly in cooperation with military operations.

Goals/Beliefs: The Shop members feel that not all the world plays by the same rules. And that metahumans must be utilized to insure that foreign powers, that don’t adhere to the UN mandate, can be dealt with using the same “weapons”. However, in practice the Shop uses its “weapons” against normal foreign militaries in specific purpose missions. They also use their metahuman troops “domestically”.

Known abilities/Resources: That of the United States Government and Armed Forces. But, they are limited by the fact they must work in ABSOLUTE secrecy. If evidence could be presented that would expose the Shop and its U.S. Gov links the United States would at the very least suffer a massive backlash from all UN members not to mention, since the UN resides in the U.S., a possible dissolution of the organization. To that end, when a metahuman no longer will cooperate with Shop orders or begins to show signs of rebellion, they are retired and the remains destroyed.

(H.E.L.L.) Human Engineering Life Laboratories

Description: This medical cooperation is on the cutting edge Bio Tech. Its legitimate front conducts research in a wide variety of subjects; cancer treatments, cloning, transplants, synthetic organs, reconstructive surgery and body modifications.
However, the corp.’s main objective is isolating genes in those metahumans who demonstrate extraordinary abilities. To this end, they actively “recruit” metahumans for study. Most often the metahuman is imprisoned and sent through a battery of tests, after which the metahuman is cancelled and vivisected.

Scope of Operations: Based in Miami, Fla., although the corp. supports clinics or small offices called “Cells” in most major cities.

Goals/Beliefs: H.E.L.L.’s goals appear to consist of identifying and replicating metahuman genes. If successful they could create “custom” metahumans for the corp.’s use or that of their clientele.

Known abilities/Resources: H.E.L.L. has apparently had some success creating metahumans. When encountered in the field select H.E.L.L. operatives exhibited powerful abilities. They also have made extensive use of cloning technology once a “success” is created. Intel has been gathered that confirms their ability to create Bio-androids. All evidence suggests they have limited life spans and unreliable results in the field.
H.E.L.L. has a very large bankroll. It’s list of clients reads straight from the Fortune 500 list. It helps that the corp. offers a service to its “preferred” customers that promises “life extending” results.

One, Clan of

Description: This extended family are long time members of the Yakuza. All males of the family have a metahuman gene that seems to, without fail; pass down to any male offspring they produce. This gene allows any male in the family to spilt into two separate beings. This ability, combined with the fact this family is prone to twins, allows them to increase their numbers quickly.

Scope of Operations: Wherever Yakuza operations are, considered global.

Goals/Beliefs: The Clan of One seems content to remain in the background of Yakuza operations. Intel suggests the Clan answers to the most powerful Oyabun of the Yakuza, and carries out his personal projects.

Know abilities/Resources: Members of the Clan encountered have exhibited Psionic talent, specifically telepathy. According to sources in the Yakuza, if you are seen by any member of Clan of One, you are seen by them all.

The Center

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